This event hurts my brain

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I won't lie I thought it would've been like what last year's was just some challenges and stuff cool they added an NPC but with all these abilities you unlock I'm so lost. The killer can hook you without a hook nearby I won't lie I thought the killer was cheating the first match because I was hooked out of nowhere and well the tricks feel odd to me. Is the event good? It's different but well it's not my cup of tea I'm going to play the modifier for challenges that require it but after that I might stick to normal matches so my brain doesn't get overloaded with so much stuff.


  • Caiman
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    I have no idea what's going on either, I'm just trying to do the challenges and not worry about it.

  • jamally093
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    Yeah but I won't lie sometimes keeping events simple is nice. Like the Halloween event it's little tricky but you can complete the challenges easily and won't have to figure out what each thing does. Sometimes simple is best since to little the person loses interest example the 5th year with just the same crowns. To much and it's confusing aka this year plus why make a modifier instead just keep it nice and simple a few decorations and just new small abilities by grabbing the invitation nothing over the top I mean what's her face showing up is cool at least.

  • Rythoriak
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    Pretty much the Killer gets 2 powers that can be used normally:

    1. Teleport the person on their shoulder to a nearby hook immediately

    2. Break a pallet without actually kicking it (takes the same amount of time but they can still chase around the loop)

    Survivors get 2 powers that are common:

    1. If you see a blue outline you can create a new pallet (it breaks when dropped but can still stun the killer)
    2. Become completely silent and not make any sound or leave scratch marks (called silent mode)

    To be able to use any of the powers you have to pick up an invitation first (unless the event gives you one for free). You gain the powers over time with a cooldown on both sides. The different events are:

    1. Nothing (called Zilch). Just the basic game no new powers.
    2. The eye icon (both sides can randomly see each other sort of like the object of obession perk)
    3. The shoe icon (everyone is super fast)
    4. The heal/skull icon (everyone is exposed but gets healed after the exposed timer ends if injured)
    5. The chest icon (survivors can open blue chests for extra bp)
    6. The totem icon (killer and survivors can go to blue totems for 3500 bp)
    7. Map with up arrow (everyone gets a free invitation)
    8. Map with down arrow (everyone loses their invitations)

    It progresses to a new even after 2 major events happen (gens are completed or survivors are hooked. Each one gives 1 progression).

    Hope this helps.