Just a comment about the motivation behind the Ruin update



  • Peppa_Pigsaw
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    Ok and now I'd like to address the communities concern with this change as best as I can.

    For starters you should stop balancing the game around the newer players. We all had to learn the game at some point and constantly babying the new players is going to make the overall skill of BOTH sides plummet drastically.

    Second, the new Ruin being "devastating against new players". Good for you. Most of us don't play against new players anymore. Why should the veteran players be punished for not playing with lower skilled players? Do you want us to purposefully derank? Despite stating multiple times via streams that you look down upon deranking? This renders the already shoddy Ranking system even more pointless.

    Third, Hex perks don't make it to endgame. Ever. So Ruin being more centered around late game pressure is laughable at best.

    Fourth, one of the reasons stated for why Ruin was addressed was because it was popular at high ranks. So instead of asking killer players WHY we ran it, you instead listened to survivors complaining that it was unfun to play against. Because God forbid survivors actually learn totem spawns or how to hit skill checks while Killers are forced to deal with 4 man Adrenaline, Decisive Strike, Borrowed Time, insert another unfun Survivor perk here.

    Well I will kindly explain to you why most killers ran it. We didn't run it because we thought it was good, we ran it because we feel the need to run some form of stall perk to actually be able to play YOUR game. Because generator times are ridiculously short. I've seen clips of games ending in under 3 minutes, hell I've even seen a clip where a gen pops in 18 seconds at the start of the match.

    I don't care about emblems, I care about actually being able to play my preferred role without the control of the game being swept out from under my feet, and I think a lot of killer players would agree, if we had a choice, we would run a perk that was more fun if we didn't feel inclined to run Ruin.

    I have massive respect for the talent at BHVR that managed to build a game that helped me through dark times and has been hundreds of hours of enjoyment, but you guys seriously need to stop looking at the numbers and actually pay attention to what your paying customers are saying. BOTH sides. Not just Survivors, not just Killers. Everyone.

    I love this game to bits but you guys desperately need to get your ######### together.

  • Madarao
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    They are tho, apparently they're going to take the ranks off the tally screen. 10/10 fix. Out of sight out of mind

  • Almo
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    It doesn't combo with Surge at the moment. This is something that's being debated.

    It's 0.25 charge per second, not %. A gen is 80 charges, so it takes (at normal speed) 80 sec to repair it, as normal repair rate is 1 charge per sec.

    So if you repair a gen for 10 seconds, and leave it to Ruin for 20 seconds, it will be at zero again. Ordinarily after a kick it would take 40 seconds to regress all the way.

  • Exxodus21
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    Will surge even work with it? They already said PGTW won't work since the gen is already in regression. I would imagine the same is true for surge.

  • Toybasher
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    My problem is the New Ruin is going to do practically nothing against experienced survivors. Killers bring ruin so much at red ranks because literally every second counts especially on killers who lack map pressure.(Especially Trapper since he has so much setup time during which survivors are on generators uncontested.)

    New Ruin is going to have no effect on survivors who pound out generators with toolboxes and prove thyself. You get in a chase, down the guy, and by that time 3 generators all pop around the same time.

    New Ruin is not insidious since the millisecond you get off the generator, a "CURSED: HEX RUIN" notification appears according to Peanits on the discord so survivors know you're running Ruin.

    Personally I'm dropping Ruin like a bad habit and replacing it with NOED.

  • Aneurysm
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    It could -maybe- work as a mid-late game perk if it didn't activate straight away but after x gens or x minutes. Or if it started inactive and could be manually applied to a dull totem.

  • LordGlint
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    How would you combo surge with it? Surge doesnt proc off regressing gens.

  • DwarvenTavern
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    Why not make it not a Hex perk? If all the devs are that committed to it (it's not good idea, I'm sorry.) It would be better if it was no longer a hex. The 2% regression as a hex isn't worth it.

  • Eye66
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    In my opinion, keeping the game's history intact is pretty important. Ruin is a Hag teachable. That was the update that first added hex perks and all three of her teachables are hex perks. So in my opinion, to remove the hex part of hex ruin is to disrespect DBD history.

    But that being said, new ruin would be a lot better as a non-hex perk. I hope they revert ruin back to normal and then re-add new Ruin as a different perk that's not a hex perk.

  • EverflowingRiver
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    Very good point about new players not having quick access to ruin.

  • LordGlint
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    unfortunately surge doesnt proc at all on regressing gens. You could get abit of use on it if you down someone near a gen CURRENTLY being worked on, but other than that...Ruin doesnt work too well when paired with Pop or Overcharge either.

  • Awakey
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    Whilst I'm personally opposed to the Ruin change, I have to know;

    Why was the internal decision not to address the underlying problem of gen speeds and instead to nerf Ruin? I'm well aware that it's easier said than done, but I believe a dynamic second objective would've been the correct path.


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    I have to agree to this, but I want to throw in something since people are acting like they can't play without Ruin:

    It's definitely possible to do just as well as a killer who doesn't use Ruin, if Ruin gets nerfed and suddenly you can't get any great games, that's likely because sadly, the perk was carrying you. I'm currently a red rank killer, main Nurse and Pig — Never have too much of a problem with generators, but admittedly, it's more punishing when you make a mistake. At the end, that is what made me better than a killer who doesn't use Ruin.

  • LordGlint
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    I use it quite abit on my Freddy with the idea of Surging the nearby Gens and Popping the far ones. Its decent at knowing which gens have been worked on recently and possibly giving someones location away, because it will make an explosion at a gen that wasnt regressing before.

  • ddubuckyee_user
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    Good bye crazy game

  • aderpymuffin
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    No he is definitely worse, its actually impossible to be bias with this one. While charging his power up he is slower then the nurse (90% ms) and afterwards, he cannot attack for *3 seconds*. Also, they nerfed his snap out, destroying any time wasting potential he had. To add the cherry on top they took away his way to prevent pallet and window vaults. He is LITERALLY an m1 killer without a power. Unless you count the tracking device he has that renders him useless.

  • FJSJ_Lunar
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    No. You cant kick a gen that is already regressing.

  • Hopesfall
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    @Almo did you guys consider alternate changes to ruin? such as make it like corrupt intervention and have it go away after X minutes? No hex status.

  • The_Daydreamer
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    So I can't use PGTW until my ######### hex is gone?

  • The_Second_Coming
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    Too add to that - nobody will trust anything that comes out of that studio, ever again. Deathgarden was a snoozefest of a failure, and if they kill DBD with their negligence, they'll never have another successful game.

    As for the matchmaking being hidden with hiding ranks in post-game...I don't expect @Almo or anyone on the team to address this with any amount of truth. They'll come up with a shoddy excuse, just like they did for the Ruin and Doc nerfs; and of course it'll be just as paper thin.

    I've gone from thinking BHVR is just a troubled game studio with their heart in the right place to now, after hearing about the attempt to sweep matchmaking issues under the rug, realizing they are a cowardly shell of a studio too afraid to admit they are incapable, or too lazy to fix something.

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