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  • This. High prestige players experience a lot of lobby dodge or they're often hard targeted by the killer for...idk, ego reasons?
  • It's almost like they don't want survivors to have anything. Blows my mind that of all survivor perks, this one's being complained about? A perk that helps less experienced survivors?
  • Exactly. Atm it really feels like a waste of time trying to do them. So ai don't unless I get one I like.
  • The only change this perk should have, if any is that you're guaranteed to be the obsession and no one else can be. As far as removing survivor's aura? Nah. That part should stay. This perk is for those who want the killer's attention similar to Scene Partner. If you don't want their attention, don't run it. If you want to…
  • I absolutely agree. It takes me forever to get a ritual I actually want to do. I don't want to be forced to play characters I don't want to, either. They should just let us chose our rituals or at least let us roll them continuously.
  • Windows does not need a nerf.
  • So you think 2 people can do 4 Generators and get out? 2 people who, mind you, won't go in for hook saves, and killer is tunneling?
  • There are some situations where there's most likely no chance and as I mentioned above, partly due to bad teammates letting not 1 but 2 teammates get to stage 2 cause they didn't unhook plus the killer was tunneling so we ended up losing one early and about to lose another due to their negligence. So yeah...kinda their…
  • Ah. I see. But yeah that'd require SWF and it only works for 1st stage. Killer's still getting hooks, too. So I don't think it'd make much of a difference.
  • So, then, in those situations why even stick around longer and waste your timewith no reward to show for it?
  • Taking away their decision to end it instantly is forcing them, though. The 4% is better than nothing in bad situations where it is actually needed to try to save your team and kobe is the only way out. If you've been in those situations enough times you'd know why it's important to let the 4% stay and taking that away…
  • I agree with what you said at the top, but I disagree that the 4% is silly. There have been times when that 4% came in clutch when we really needed it and I used it to save an entire team when killer went for slug. The match went on thanks to the 4%.
  • Yep. There are some situations especially in SoloQ where the match goes so bad so quickly due to camping/tunneling, bad teammates or the double whammy of both at once and survivors do not have the power to snowball the match in their favor like killers do. If you lose just 1 teammate too soon the match is killer sided.…
  • Except she wasn't bad and looped him well during game, but in that moment we did not hear him til like a split second before she was hit.
  • It's a lot harder for Trapper or Bubba to down all 4 survivors. A lot harder. Especially for Trapper. If all survivors are downed by Trapper, most likely it's the survivors not being cautious enough. You cannot say the same for Billy. Not at all. Or even blight for that matter. Because I've literally seen him fly in and…
  • And again the complaint isn't about loops, it's about when he's flying at you without warning from across the map with an insta down attack before you can even hear his terror radius.
  • "Just Position yourself better!" Yeah, because we always know exactly where the killer is going to come from at all times and its not like we're not doing anything that requires us to be stationary like repairing Gens or unhooking a survivor, healing, etc. Even Billy players have bragged about survivors not having time to…
  • I'm talking bout when he flies at you from across the map, without warning and just downs you without chase. I've seen it happen. He can slug an entire team pretty easily if he knows what he's doing, what perks to use, dirty tactics etc.. Spirit can't instadown you with her attack, her ability doesn't take her that far,…
  • Because they are. They're pretending Billy not having cooldown isn't a problem or like Billy can't fly in at you from across the map without warning and could do so repeatedly. Even tried to say they'd probably get slugged by Trapper, who isn't even remotely comparable cause unlike Billy he can't just zoom across the map.…
  • Even if the killer is hard tunneling someone they should just be forced to put up with it? I think the attitude of being entitled to someone's time needs to go away. Especially when there are things that are problematic in this game that can make a match miserable. Bad teammates, tunneling, camping Etc. People say all the…
  • I'm still able to use mine.
  • That's not guaranteed to be the case, though. You could down someone and still tunnel. Plus you could check the area especially if someone is crouching, waiting to save. If they are, you could down them too. Furthermore DS deactivates in 60 seconds anyway. If they get in your way, just slug them. Don't even pick them up.…
  • I don't think that's something that can actually be removed, cause you could struggle to try to get team out of bad situation with 4% and you could actually miss skill checks on accident, too, plus they get smaller, harder to hit. 2nd stage is supposed to be dangerous. Also I wouldn't want people to be *forced* to keep…
  • Yeah. A real survivor main would not say looping takes no skill. There are even killer mains that know it takes skill and a lot of learning to pull off.
  • Downed isn't good enough. Another survivor should be hooked. That idea sounds like something that could be abused way too easily considering very often killer can easily down someone that unhooks you right after unhook. So DS disappears right after unhook in those cases and tunneling is way easier via camp/proxy and taking…
  • Sometimes survivors stay at exit for good reason, though. Cause there could be 1, 2 people but you don't know where everyone else is, or you need to heal up, hook rescue. Etc. Survivors don't always stay at exit for teabagging. Often it's to make sure everyone makes it.
  • I wish there were emotes in game.
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  • It's "not good enough" but at least they nerfed something that wasn't even a big deal just because killers didn't like it, yet killers can still slug/bleed players out just because which is much worse and that's never been addressed.
  • I'd agree to this if they at least add a QoL change where you don't see the blinding animation. Whenever I play killer, I always have to wear LB because my eyes are sensitive to the animation. It got so bad one day that I ended up with a nasty headache and couldn't even look at my phone w/o my eyes burning/watering.
  • Or tunneling, or anything due to the adventures of SoloQ etc. So they're finally removing depipping? Bout time. Especially since it's 60% kill rate. If they expect survivors to die more, survivors shouldn't be punished for what developers expect to happen. The unbroken Iri requirements are ridiculous, too. And we need more…
  • Didn't they already nerf flashlights due to killer's complaints, though?
  • I think we should at least try it. I imagine being on a team as killer would take some pressure off. Make it more chill for killers which would also be better for the survivors, too.
  • Thank you. It's a ridiculous thing to complain about especially with all the egc perks killers have. They just want survivors nerfed to oblivion so they always win, easy. And it's not good for game health.
  • You're talking egc though, right? And if that survivor managed to not be hooked etc then they worked for that 4% harder than a killer using cheap tactics for easy, lazy 4k.
  • I can literally handle Knight, Skull Merchant, Myers, Ghostface, Spirit, Plague etc. easier than Legion. Yet others have more problems with Knight than Legion. For me he's a killer that's ridiculously difficult same with Wraith. Sometimes I win against them but it's a pain and annoying.
  • You mean 2 escapes? 3 Gens isn't a win at all or equivalent in comparison to deaths. Escapes are. And survivors are content even if it's just 1 escape though 2 is better. More than anything survivors just want a fair match.
  • During Feral Frenzy, they do. Point is, they can abuse Feral Frenzy to go after an unhooked survivor and even with the short fatigue, they're able to force you into chase again even with Sprint Burst. And they still move pretty fast out of Frenzy. It just doesn't help that they catch up to you especially if it's a bad map…
  • Frenzy shouldn't last that long though. Maybe there should be a longer cooldown. I don't think they should vault faster than survivors, either. At least with Plague all you have to deal with is broken status and basic chase speed. With Legion it's a one hit down and he can outrun you.
  • Aside from the mending it's awful they can just speed vault windows, pallets etc. Only line of defense survivors have and there are legions who abuse this mechanic to tunnel survivors. Happened to me twice, today. Even with sprint burst one match and lots of running, vaulting that Frenzy lasted a long, long time. Idk how…
  • No, that's your bias talking. You want to talk about a very small chance that rarely ever happens being unfair, but want to consider dirty, unfair tactics from killers to be fair and something killers "worked" for? And you realize even if there's one Gen left but only 2 survivors the match is completely killer sided at…
  • I don't think buckle up should be changed at all since all it does is give endurance after picking someone up which could be helpful in a situation where killer tries to slug whole team for easy 4k. If it's really that big an issue then maybe change FTP slightly? Like it works the same but doesn't read as a heal so buckle…
  • Legion is not weak and Feral Frenzy is incredibly annoying to deal with. Even if they give Legion a better chase speed to balance him out better, I just want that annoying power nerfed or changed. Give and take.
  • I think the griefing is absolutely terrible. Sorry you went through that. But this perk has got to be the worst perk they ever made for survivors to the point I think even No Mither is better. It's not just the fact you're broken the rest of the game but how long it takes and you can't even help your team while you're…
  • True! You can also sprint away from hook. It's so good I think it should be part of anti tunnel basekit.
  • Sprint Burst, hands down. It helps you escape Gen when killer comes, you can reach a safer spot to loop. Plus it's fun to occasionally make a killer whiff.
  • Legion's Feral Frenzy and the Unknown's grenade attack.
  • I agree. It boggles my mind how we have all the gen rushing buffs in the world but very weak defense against tunneling. And gen rushing promotes more tunneling which in turn promotes more genrush. Like it's the counter to tunneling, too. This being said, I'm not sure if making Gens take longer is the answer either cause if…
  • Agreed. It's the best, most useful map.
  • Not a bad idea. 🤔
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