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Enduring vs Brutal Strength


So I seem to be out of the loop with these two perks as I have never actually used them but since I'm playing Trapper for the challenges and really enjoying it I have been seeing a lot of people say Enduring is better but I don't understand why.

I personally think that unless you're Clown or Legion, Brutal Strength is the better time saver of the two. I have been hearing a lot of people say that Enduring is better and saves you more time but you still have to BREAK the Pallet. Enduring is if you get stunned but even if you get stunned for 1 second the pallet is still there, unless you're on the 3rd pallet with Spirit Fury of course. If you don't get stunned then you take I think 2 seconds to break the pallet with BS which is obviously more than 1 but that 2 is getting rid of the obstacle rather than being effected by it.

Can anyone explain why Enduring is valued more than Brutal?

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  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314
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    So, here's where the issue comes in with which saves more time...

    For one, Brutal Strength breaks pallets 20% faster at its third tier... while Enduring can take 50% off of a stun when you're hit by a pallet!

    To say which is better depends on the Killer you're using... for one, Brutal Strength is better to use on Killers like Trapper and Pig because they rely on their M1 as their primary means of downing people... the same can be said for Freddy, but the thing about Freddy is that he has Dream Pallets and Dream Snares to shorten a chase pretty quickly... So he doesn't really need it.

    With Myers and GhostFace they have stealth to help them with getting downs and basic hits and they both can mind-game with that stealth...

    Wraith does need Brutal Strength since he too relies on his primary attack to down people... but Enduring also works well with him because of how his power works after you uncloak... you can a burst of speed and you can hit someone while they're dropping a pallet and cut the stun in half.

    Now, Killers like Billy and LF don't need Brutal Strength at all because they have chainsaws... but Enduring on the other hand is a god sent for them... pair that with Spirit Fury and they have a very scary combo to face.


    It all depends on the Killer and their strengths and weaknesses with these two perks... to say Enduring is better than Brutal Strength isn't showing how good Brutal Strength is on certain Killers... the same goes for Enduring as well.

    Enduring USED to be better because it countered Pre-Patch DS which EVERYONE!!! used... But now that DS is nerfed and Enduring doesn't really change the stun... it isn't that way anymore.


  • HatCreature
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    Ok so it is how I was thinking when I mentioned Clown and Legion, Clown would benefit from Enduring because his gas slows people down and he would naturally attempt a swing at the pallet. Legion's FF stun is 4 seconds but if he gets pallet stunned out of it then it's 1 second. So it really depends on the Killer you play, that helps out a lot and makes sense, thanks :)

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314

    No problem, and yes Enduring would work with Legion since you can take a pallet stun and cut the stun down to a second.

    And yes, Clown also can use Enduring for that scenario you said. If you don't have enduring or decide not to use it... than Brutal Strength also works because he too relies on M1s to down Survivors.

  • Katzengott
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    As a Pig Main i would also say go for Brutal. Since Enduring got nerfed (from 75% to 50% and doesn't work with DS anymore) i switched to Brutal. It also works on Gens which... well, just feels good but doesn't really make a difference. But if you break a pallet on the right side and/or Survivors are not aware that you have Brutal you can end chases quicker . Just don't break every Pallet (instantly), only the good ones as you don't have enough time.

  • uwuacevisconti
    uwuacevisconti Member Posts: 11

    The reason why Enduring is better than Brutal Strength is simply do to number values... B.S. simply doesn't have enough speed to justify a perk slot, while Enduring is an almost instant recovery from a stun, B.S. can still lead to respecting pallets.

    I think B.S. is very fun to use, but doesn't save enough time to run. If you want B.S. but don't want to use a perk slot for it, The Wraith has a set of addons that do the same thing it does while he is in cloak.

  • NuclearBurrito
    NuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    50% reduced stun is equivalent to +100% stun recovery speed.

    Previously Enduring was a +70% stun recover speed.

    Thus Enduring was buffed with respect to pallets.

  • NuclearBurrito
    NuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    BS saves 0.45 seconds

    Enduring saves 1 second

    However nearly every pallet must be broken, but a stun can in theory be avoided always. Thus BS will add up faster.

    This means the difference mostly comes down to your playstyle in a chase. Specifically if you are better at reading Survivor pallet drops then BS is better. Otherwise Enduring is better.

    Additionally BS has Synergy with Doc, Freddy and Clown (Survivors drop pallets early against them) while Enduring has Synergy with Nurse and Legion (1 second stun is shorter than their fatigue stuns)

    Enduring also Synergies with Spirit Furry for obvious reasons.

    If one of theses Synergies are in play you should chose your perk accordingly (assuming you are going for one of these perks)

    It's important to note that BS will additionally increase generator break speed saving 0.34 seconds. While this won't help in a chase very often it will reduce patrol times if you are kicking generators.

  • Yung_Slug
    Yung_Slug Member Posts: 2,238

    Brutal Strength is much better on Clown than Enduring. I'd say it's one of the best perks for Clown, in fact.

    Survivors tend to drop pallets early against Clown, so you probably won't end up eating a stun (making Spirit Fury + Enduring pretty much worthless on Clown).

    And if they get caught in your gas, they won't be making much distance while you're breaking the pallet.

  • TheShape78
    TheShape78 Member Posts: 712

    I don't understand why anyone would value one over the other, as they both serve completely different purposes. Brutal Strength increases the speed that you destroy pallets. Enduring decreases the time you are stunned. In fact, for this reason, they are best used together, as they will serve to make you an unstoppable killer.