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Searching for match as killer taking forever?


Is this a bug or is it just high volume of killers doing archive challenges right now cause i been trying every 2 hours and no luck of finding a match after waiting like 15 minutes, while its pretty quick with survivor. (I live in northeast USA)


  • LordziPL
    LordziPL Member Posts: 590

    I'm finding the match as the Killer. It's not quick, it's true. I'm finding the match as the Killer in 10 minutes max. Try again but you should report it to the developers here: or on Forums in section - FEEDBACK AND SUGGESTIONS in Dedicated Servers Feedback post. Maybe it's servers issue.

    Good luck.

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    If you'd like an answer to this question than i'll need your rank and region please.

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  • SmellyCat
    SmellyCat Member Posts: 46

    It usually takes 5-15 minutes for me at rank 12 (and going higher(rank)) and it depends on the hour too

  • Nyaren_Chan
    Nyaren_Chan Member Posts: 243

    I'm still Brown Rank as killer, i takes me something like 10 to 15mn before actually finding a lobby.. to end up playing against Green/Purple ranks..