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Body Blocking Question


Is body blocking bannable if you block someone from getting hooked? I never understood that. Or is it only bannable if you body block someone so that they cant move at all?

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  • vossler25
    vossler25 Member Posts: 416

    It's just killer tears that they lack the capacity to use their heads and enjoy free hits, anti troll builds fixes this with mad grit, that's basically just earning a free kill right there, a great build for transporting survivors aswell can benefit with the free kill this gives, agitation, mad grit, iron grasp and monstrous shrine are insane perks for hooking a survivor

  • sobrat1
    sobrat1 Member Posts: 44

    Body blocking can be considered griefing if a killer keeps you stuck in a corner for too long. Or if a survivor sandbags another survivor by doing the same thing.

    If griefing is a bannable offense is a whole different story.

    I've played against a survivor once that just sandbagged his team mates. In his profile he had screenshots of him doing it and praising himself for causing people to get mad.

    In that case I'd say it's bannable.

    When I play Wraith I bodyblock a lot. When I play survivor with perks to help with protection, I body block killers as much as i can.

    TL;DR : The issue is excess and abuse. Bodyblocking is allowed otherwise.

  • RedHoodGhostface

    Don't get yourself in a position where you can be blocked? Playing as a Killer, Survivors have blocked me from hooking other Survivors. In that time period, I was able to down another while the one I was carrying was able to escape from me. At which point, I was able to hook the one who was blocking me instead.

    If used correctly, it can be an effective strategy, especially during the Endgame Collapse. It's not something I can be mad at. Often times, it's just another Survivor trying to help and getting themselves sacrificed in the process.

    I've never gotten into a situation as a Survivor where I was being purposefully blocked by a Killer. There is a huge difference between being blocked and simply cornered.