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Blood puddles Nightmare

Charlisse Member Posts: 45
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I haven't figured out how to make the pools of blood with the nightmare. All I seem to be able to do is teleport to generators. Do I need offering or skill for that? If so I probably haven't found them yet.

A rift question as well

I've been stuck on lvl 25 for two days. I've made 800xp at least a dozen time and I still don't move on to tier 26. Do I need to pay? Or how many times do I need to make 800xp to reach next tier 26?


  • Boosted_Dwight
    Boosted_Dwight Member Posts: 3,047

    The snares are his default ability. To use them you press and hold the ability button and let go to place.

  • Rydog
    Rydog Member Posts: 3,275

    It's a different button than the gen teleport. You hold right mouse button to channel the ability, and point it at the floor. You'll see a placement circle in front of you. Let go, and it will place a blood snare that arms in ~1 second.

  • FireHazard
    FireHazard Member Posts: 7,314


    You use the default "power" button that all Killers use to use his Dream Snares or (With an add-on) his Dream Pallets.

    For PC, you hold down M2 and than place the Dream Snare where you want it to be and just let go... it's the same button to place Hags Traps or Trappers Bear-Traps!

  • Charlisse
    Charlisse Member Posts: 45

    Thanks. Finally know how to do it. Helps so much!