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How does lobby creation works for Killers

Pepalol Member Posts: 3
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I have a question, it has been a while since I don't play as a Killer in DBD, and as I remember when you chose to play as a killer it simply made a lobby and people would join it, now when I try to play as a killer it says "searching for a match" and it's taking forever, as I don't play in a while I'm at rank 18, but I'm not if it's because of my rank/region or if I might be bugged?

Anyways, thanks in advance for anyone who can help me on this


  • Dwight_the_Locker
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    Killer Times happen to be long, at Rank 16 I get about 8 Min Queue times.

    All I suggest is open DbD, search for a match and enjoy YouTube.

  • FireHazard
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    The system was changed so now if you're a Killer or Survivor you search for an open lobby to inhabit together... before the Killer would open the lobby and Survivors would join that lobby... But now both sides have to join a lobby... that's how Survivors are able to be in a lobby together with no Killer present... the lobby is currently looking for a Killer to join that lobby.

    With low ranks like rank 18... it takes awhile to find a match due to hardly anyone being in that rank, and since it's late into rank reset that issue becomes more apparent. Once rank reset occurs you'll see a bit more players in that rank again... so the queue times will slightly improve... but that's about it.

    Grey and Yellow ranks always take a long time due to that issue, so until you hit Green ranks this issue won't really change.

  • satanwuvsyou
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    Killer queues are always longer, but they're especially bad currently, as people who would normally "main" survivor are playing killer to complete rift challenges. I've had queues take up to 40m for killer :( over 10m is expected. I just start the queue, then either work out in the same room or open something on my 2nd monitor to watch til it pops. Just make sure you have your loadout all set up if you're doing that so you dont forget an offering :)

  • se05239
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    In the 16-20 ranks, matchmaking takes extra long due to the game trying to match you with other low-rankers but once you get past that, things should speed up.