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Anyone else feel like the ping indicator is lying to them?

Every game I've had over the bloodhunt and til now the indicator is telling me between 60-70. That's great. And while I've had plenty of smooth games, I'm getting a lot of rubberband nurse, twitch on the ground dead hard, and have been hit through more pallets in the last 20 hours of gameplay than the the 370 I've got combined. I'm assuming this is because of the killer's lag to the server, which I can't see. I miss the old lobby where I could see the killer's ping spikes and avoid them if I needed to :( If I'm wrong about what I assume is happening then I have no idea what it is. Is the stealth seemingly acting funny for anyone else too? I'm knocking ghostface out of his stalk when he breaks LoS specifically to stop me. I've also had an odd around the corner hatchet during that bloodhunt. Mad times indeed.


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    It's based on your connection to the servers itself... So for example I get green pink because I live pretty close to Canada while being in the US!

    Canada is where their servers are based (Unless i'm mistaken) and it by default now works off of that connection for both sides... It no longer works off of the Killers connection as a whole.

    It's not really lying at all actually, the servers sometimes roll back or delay because they're not completely polished yet... it's less about connection and more so the servers themselves... the connection is correct it's just the servers not really responding too well to it.

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    I'm not sure what you're saying there as far as a roll back.

    Ex. A nurse teleports, I anticipated and had gone toward where they were teleporting from, they teleport past me, then rubberband toward me and land a hit. That's what I used to experience if I accepted a match at 250+ ping. And if I knew it was 250+ ping I'd alter how I was vaulting or timing on pallet drops. I just feel very blind going into my matches now.

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    A roll back is exactly what it is as explained... a roll back...

    Like, stalking as Myers and going into Tier lll and instantly being pushed back into Tier ll... that's a roll back!

    Having your movement speed capped at the movement speed you had when carrying someone to the hook... than it lingers for the entire match until you hook someone again, that's a roll back! (This happened to be actually... was horrible.)

    Vaulting a window and being teleported back to the other said, that's a roll back!

    That's what I mean by roll backs caused by Dedicated Servers. (Most of these examples and other known issues have been fixed) Some issues still exist but they're less often now... the point is this happens... and that's what I mean by a "roll back."