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wheres is the Archivies second part?


when the second part of archivies come out? is very hard to go to lvl 70 in the archivies alone with not quest to help us!!!


  • XxkuroxshiroxX
    XxkuroxshiroxX Member Posts: 76

    Tome 2 comes out on the 13th, but I'm not entirely sure. You mean level 70 in the Rift right? Yeah, that's quite tough without quests

  • FireHazard
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    What Kuro said above, the next Tome won't release until November 13th (The same day the event ends as well...)

    If you're curious about Tome lll and Tome Vls release days, you can find them in the "News" section in the main menu in the game itself... Once you're at the main menu and you clicked on the "News" section below, than you'll have to scroll down through the patch notes and find the section on "The Archives." In that section it'll tell you all about the dates for the next 3 tomes.