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Survivor seeking advice on esteem in this game


I play solo and sometimes in SWF. My current rank is 15 which is the highest its been since I started playing in August. Most days I will pip up to maybe Rank 15 and 3/4, then I will have a run of matches which are usually short and depip sometimes back to Rank 16 and 0/4. This gaining and losing pips is relentless.

All the friends I have made that play survivor seem to have no problem ranking up. I tend to lose pips as quickly as having gotten the main its where I get into bad matches where I make mistakes.

Should I just accept I have risen to the highest level of my skill which will never change? That I will always be stuck around rank 15/16? And whilst I agree I could play and say "rank doesn't matter" it would be nice to try to get to a higher rank as I feel I have no other way to show how I am improving.

Right now the only way I feel I can show I am any good is getting Adept survivor achieves and maybe prestiging a survivor.

So I wondered what experienced survivors (or even killers) might advise. I do want to get better.

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  • Revansith
    Revansith Member Posts: 367

    I do know the friend that introduced me to the game is now a rank 8 killer and has tried to explain all the various powers a killer has. I have a fair understanding of useful survivor perks and the advantages of using one survivor as opposed to another. I actually wonder if its simply that I get too tired or distracted after playing a few hours and should stop rather than carry on.

    I admit I havent tried the guides yet.

  • ElusivePukka
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    Loops = Win as survivor. Learning to loop is how you give yourself breathing room to learn other mechanics better.

    Altruistic actions are also the quickest way to pip.

    So run around and heal peeps

  • Rydog
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    I've got over 1,000 hours in this game, I'm a rank 5 survivor right now, and I sometimes still make a ton of mistakes that make me look like a complete day 1 potato. So don't feel too bad.

    Keep practicing, and you'll get better. Learn to look behind yourself a lot in chases, so that you can keep track of the red stain and learn to react to where the killer is facing. Learn to run some of the basic loops (the one with the L wall, the T wall, and two windows is a good one to start with). Make sure to always do gens, and go for a couple of safe unhooks in every match. Makes sure you keep your teammates alive, because dead teammates substantially diminish your chance of escaping.

    Also, frankly, at your rank you're still getting stuck with random teammates who do literally nothing, with no exaggeration. I've watched low-level streamers play this game at those ranks, and tons of people just hide in corners, Self-Care constantly, don't touch gens, and let teammates die on the first hook. These people harm your chances of ranking up, but you'll eventually get to a point where players are competent enough to do objectives.

    When you do, you'll see yourself rank up. It'll be by inches, but it will happen, and you will notice tangible improvements in your play. When I got to green ranks, I was shocked, and I thought I would plateau there. Then I got to purple ranks one day, and I said "Well that was a freak accident, I'm sure it will never happen again," and now I'm purple rank every season, on the cusp of red ranks. It'll happen for you, too.

    How often do you play with friends? What platform do you play on?