QoL tweak to No One Escapes EGC (Tome Challenge)


This is based on my own experience trying this challenge and I think it's a simple change without any exploit potential.

Suggestion: make DCs during EGC count toward the challenge.

Background: I was facing a 4-person SWF (they were all from the same country, played coordinately and had Object of Obsession). I got everybody on death hook, sacrificed the OoO player, then let them do the gens. I slugged two, pushed the third one out of the gate. As I was going to hook the two remaining players, they DC'd simultaneously and one of them told me in post-game chat to "suck", in a language other than English. The timing was obviously intentional. As you can imagine, for all means and purposes I had the challenge in the bag, but it was denied by an exploit.

Exploitability: it's a change to avoid exploits against the killer trying the challenge and which has no exploit potential in itself that I can foresee. If someone DCs during EGC, they're either moments away from death or they want to give the hatch, which means that they should have died in the first place in order to do so. Either way, it should count as a sacrifice for the challenge purpose.

Comments: as you can see, the challenge ordinarily requires a good deal of work and it's unreasonable to have all of that thrown out the window for actions that are completely arbitrary, whimsical and totally in the survivors' hands. This is especially true because the challenge itself requires to play in such a way that, although legitimate from a rule standpoint, is certainly annoying to the survivors (and, frankly, to me as well as killer). As such, DCs are a real possibility, also because time-out penalties aren't live yet.