Don't regress Rank if any player disconnects.


Currently if a player disconnects, there are a lot of insignificant bonuses which often do not actually apply to your points. But in all cases, if any existing player continues to play they are at a disadvantage for point gains, and held liable for having a lack of game points, which can often lead to losing a rank.

Example 1: Playing as killer, if a survivor disconnects, there are less survivors to gain points from. This can cause a loss of rank.

Example 2: Playing as survivor, if another survivor disconnects, there are less survivors to allow for a complete game to be played, which can cause a loss of rank.

Its my suggestion that no loss of rank can occur if any party disconnects. But that ranks can still advance. This should fix losing ranks over others disconnecting.


  • Kamikazi
    Kamikazi Member Posts: 144

    I almost forgot: If any player disconnects (before or during the match) the killer's add-ons and offerings should be refunded to the killer.

    Example 3: If a killer has used a 4 kill mori (or even a 75% bonus to sacrifices), but any one survivor disconnects the match, the killer is cheated out of using their paid for gear! The killer should get both their add-ons back and their offerings. This might detour survivors from disconnecting during the match in mid-game, also. But most importantly, this would not cheat the killer out of their hard earned offerings and add-ons!

    Example 4: If a killer uses their purple/green/yellow/brown add-ons, they should not be cheated out of the capability to use them for a full map duration on all 4 survivors.

    Example 5: The Killer decides to use add-ons and offerings to heighten their ability to progress through an archive or daily quest. If even one survivor disconnects during the match, this could spell disaster for the killer's achievement.

  • LordGlint
    LordGlint Member Posts: 8,080

    Would be nice to get to keep my stuff. I remember having multiple games where entire teams DC within seconds of the game starting. It's hard to get the value of my stuff back when the game is over before I even see anyone.