Anyone still stuck on Dark Senses challenge?


I've completed every other challenge except this one, I can't stop other survivors from completing them without me. It's literally making me more angry than I've even been when playing this game.

Why did they think you could complete 4 gens!?


  • Milo
    Milo Member Posts: 7,383

    You should try asking them in pregame lobby if they could just 99 gens...

    Or do SWF with 3 other people so they know what you're doing.

  • SambaSaw
    SambaSaw Member Posts: 137

    I just told my team before we started the match. One brought a toolbox so did I. I put on prove thyself. The other two guys were looping the killer and it was a pretty good match.

    Another tip: DO NOT get caught first. If you do you can forget about the challenge that round.

  • theweirdo61
    theweirdo61 Member Posts: 12

    I just completed mine after 4 attempts. At first I would just jump on gens and tried to complete them. This obviously led to me only doing max 3 while others popped the remaining. I then finally realised the only way to do it is to be sneaky. Run around the map looking for other survivors on gens. This way it only takes 40 odd seconds, then run around again to see if another survivor is on a gen. Even if you just touch it towards the end. Also means playing selfishly and not going altruistic.