Doctor's new terror radius could use some work


Now to be clear, I really do enjoy how the music sounds, and the fact that more custom chase themes are being added, but unfortuntely I've found it very hard to try and guess how close the doctor is. I've had him sneak up on me a couple of times cause I thought he was farther away. I just think the music needs to be modified/tweaked so it's more clear how far or close he is.


  • Myers_Is_My_Dad
    Myers_Is_My_Dad Member Posts: 42

    No, the music is the buff the doctor needed

  • RainbowPatooie
    RainbowPatooie Member Posts: 322

    Also his chase music feels a tad lack luster, I don't feel the as much stress and panic when listening to it while being chased when compared to most other chase themes.