The game became blurry again

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It's kinda like when they changed the antialiasing, except disabling it in the config files doesn't work anymore for some reason. It's so blurry it hurts looking at the screen after a while, it's as if everything is out of focus.

PC specs:

Ram 8 Gb

Intel Core i7-4510U

Nvidia Geforce 820M

I play at low settings (and very low res).

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Please provide screenshots, videos, graphics settings and PC specs.


  • DarkBarbarian
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    I experience this too, you really see this on skill checks, the circle and the "space" is really blurry.

    I played with the settings and at least am seeing this on Medium and Low settings. For my PC specs it's a Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti and an Intel i5 8300H.

    I can provide screenshots at a later point.

  • DarkBarbarian
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    I don't know if it's clearly visibile on those screenshots but the skill check is more blurry than the rest of the image (this was made on Low settings).

  • BigBubs
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    There is forced AA and the way to remove it doesn't work anymore. Thanks devs...