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whenever I would perform an action that would require a skill check the noise notification would occur like normal, however the skill check itself was not visible.

At least 2 games in a row in occurred

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If this issue occurs, could you give us the perks you were using, the killer you were playing against and the perks the killer was using? Please also include the platform you are playing on whenever you get an issue like this.


  • Mando1
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    It just happened to me. I had one generator to go and I was holding on to a pretty damn rare toolbox I really wanted to keep. I was fixing the last generator when it happened. Needless to say that didn't go well. Way to go, devs.

  • Lingx_86
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    Playong om ps4. Skill checks would not appear. Only sound. From the start of the game.

  • coley_219
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    thought i'd join this party because who doesn't like a good skill check bug...jk, jk..actually i am posting here because the post that is just like this from 4/28 is closed now

    PS4, NJ, USA evening time, swf with one other - i was the better Claudette, my teammate was Yui, we were on Haddonfield against Billy boy. I finished a gen, no problem, ran around and got some bold points - not actually chased though - until i found another gen and that's where my clip starts. After about 40% i guess of regular repair one skill check sounded and appeared but disappeared before i could hit it - no more slill checks appeared after that - they only sounded. It affected repairing and healing and at the end hitting r2 wouldn't even work to heal using my medkit even though it looked like charges were left.

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  • coley_219
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    and clue why it goes away suddenly :( PS4 swf, i was Jake, my teammate Yui against freddy on thompson map. Previously before getting to the gen i was healed by two people and woke one up. I got on the gen in the clip but left while in chase, he hit me - he left or seemed to leave and i tried to heal but that's when I lost my skill check visibility

  • coley_219
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    this hasn't happened since last time but here we go: PS4, NJ, 7/15/20 around 11am, solo survivor on family estate against doctor. i had skill checks np until i worked on a gen with the other bill. The sound occurred and the skill check started to appear but immediately faded away. You can hear the skill check prompt while I am trying to snap out of it but we never see the skill check pop up.

  • coley_219
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    lost the visual on the skill check again and it cost me the match and got meg killed - i felt terrible. I lost it during a heal...everything prior was fine. PS4, rotten fields against Billy, i was solo Yui. Around 8pm NJ, USA, PS4 only matches