Deathslinger winch mechanic - Chain not breaking

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The power had worked several times throughout the game without any issues until this happened. I didn't notice any unusual lag spikes during the game.

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This has been fixed on the latest hotfix 3.6.2 The Deathslinger: Fixed an issue that caused the Deathslinger's chain winch to not break after shooting.


  • NICK714
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    same to me

  • Rocketknight
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    Same just happened on my Switch version, I was using the Barbed Wire and Rickety Chain add-on. Got on Dead Dawg Saloon and fired at a Feng or Meg as soon as she came around a Gen. No matter how I tried to reel her in she just kept running and the reeling was super stuttery. What's more, she was actually able to jump on the Gen on the gallows while still speared and she wouldn't let me get close enough to try and break out (Not that I blame her if nothing happened on her end). Even just doing my basic attack without her near me didn't break the chain. Ultimately, I had to DC because I felt like I couldn't do anything. The penalty felt worth it with this bug affecting things.

  • Alonzo
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    I had the same issue twice in a row. I got the DLC and these have been my experience for the first two matches playing this killer.

    It kills the game for the killer if it happens. You basically shot someone and it shows you hit them and you are stuck in the reel animation for the whole match, reel speed walking, etc. But the survivor can run around and do everything normal.

    So I had to sit around while survivors do gens and escape because if I DC I would get banned.

    First match:

    Third picture shows that even after they escape the chain does not break.

    Second match:

  • DrKillzown
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    When the death slinger shoots a survivor while in the pallet drop animation, his chain bugs out


    When the Death Slinger fires his rifle at a survivor whilst it appears they are still in a pallet drop animation, the chain becomes impossible to break, the survivor cannot be reeled in and the killer cannot make any interaction other than Basic Attacking. Nothing breaks the chain. Being Pallet stunned, Downing Survivors, Reeling, Reloading, nothing works. You cannot interact with anything in game other than hitting a survivor with basic attack.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Install and Launch Build 3.6.0
    2. Search for a match as the Deathslinger and equip Tin oil Can & Wardens Keys for addons
    3. Once in game, fire the harpoon at a survivor whilst they are in the pallet drop animation

    Occurs on:

    PC, unsure of other consoles


    Free to be contacted for more of the video if needed by devs

  • Alonzo
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    No its not for pallet drops only.

    First game: (the moment the survivor got hit wasn't in the drop pallet animation)

    Second game: (no pallets near the survivor)

  • Dharmesh_BHVR
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    Hello we are investigating the issue, if you can please add your logs here. your logs will be located here:


  • Cheeki_Beaky_Bird
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    Something to add: Survivors can still vault while speared in this manor

  • yukon
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    same thing happened to me and had to quit the game. The penalization is cool and all to stop people from DCing as much but its annoying when I got blocked from games due to a bug.

  • jdawg254
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    Still happening. I've had it happen 6 times now... That's 6 matches I can't quit and have to still and wait to just end because of a game breaking bug.

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