Key not working on hatch at lerys

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I brought a red key to the match. The killer had Franklin's but I've never seen Franklin's prevent a key from working on a hatch.

Anyway there were three of us left and only one gen. We all three find the hatch and pick up the key that was dropped. However when I went over the hatch there was no option given for opening it. I tried to get in front of the hatch but no matter where I moved I couldnt open it. All three of us took turns trying to open it and none of us could.

I think it's because of where the hatch spawned. It spawned in the narrow hallways with the lock facing the wall. So I think we couldnt get in front of it to unlock it. That would be my only guess.

Unless I'm wrong and Franklin's makes keys unusable but I'm pretty sure I've escaped before with a key after being hit with franklins.

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Please add a screenshot of the hatch where the issue occurs along with the tile name on the escape menu


  • Luigifan64
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    Yeah this sometimes happens on farm maps too when the hatch spawns at the hay balers. You can only open the hatch from one side (the front) and if you can't get to that front side the hatch isn't able to be opened. They'd probably just have to rotate that hatch spawn location slightly to make it so that you could open it correctly. In theory it'd be a simple fix depending on how RNG their spawn system on that map is.