Survivor became invisible after grabbing from board & can't use any killer actions

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I was playing nurse & 3 survivors (David, Min, Yui) remained. After grabbing an injured survivor (David) from board, I was unable to see / hook / drop him nor blink / chase as normal, another survivor (Min) became invisible as well, only Yui was visible. I could hear David's voice all the time since then, as I supposed to be "carrying" him, unfortunately it wasn't, as they could still escape using the hatch.


  1. Nurse blinks to David who was healing next to board (To be more exact, the board was at the 2nd floor of the main building in the Disturbed Ward map)
  2. David climbs over the board
  3. Nurse grabs David

After those steps, the grabbing animation played, then David & Min became invisible.

  • Started to move at the pace of carrying a survivor.
  • David's injured voice was at close distance whole time since then.
  • Tried to hook, the progress bar appears, but doesn't fill up.
  • Tried to drop, but couldn't, only the view shakes a bit.

Thought it was just an animation bug, so started to chase the only visible survivor (Yui).

  • Couldn't lunge / break board / vault
  • But bloodlust still charges up.

Downed Yui at last, but then invisible Min healed her up.

  • Min's aura didn't show up with the Nurse call, only Yui's showed.

Then invisible Min opened the hatch, Yui escaped next, then even the David I supposed to be carrying escaped.

Perks & Add-ons I used for the match:

  • Thanatophobia, Nurse call, Agitation, Stridor
  • Wooden Horse, Dark Cincture

How often does this occur:

First time I encountered this bug.

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