Possible wall hack?

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This isn't so much a report as much as a question. I had one game on hawkins lab as Hag. I am on PC. One person was running OoO. Or so I thought. Whenever they looked at me our auras were revealed. It wasn't until the end game screen did I notice no one was running that perk. I forgot which person it was so I didn't report anyone. Without video footage I don't expect anything to happen anyway. I am posting the screenshot with their names crossed out. I'm hoping someone can look at their load out and confirm my suspcion that there was nothing they had that would do what had happened. Or see something that would explain what happened. I've been away since the nurse rework so maybe something new came out that would explain everything. Id like to be sure because I've been accused of hacking numerous times when infact it was all in game stuff that accomplished what I did. If it is a bug I'll start recording my matches so I have video footage for next time.


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  • Mandy
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    You're using the Pussy Willow Catkins add-on on your Hag - this shows you the aura's of survivors when they trigger your trap, so I'm naturally wondering whether they triggered your trap and you saw the aura at that point? Without a video it's pretty hard to tell.

  • EvilJoshy
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    Maybe. I hadnt used hag in a long time. I used her because I had a ritual so whatever add ons I was running were on her the last time I used her. I just wanted another set of eyes to look at this and tell me if I was missing something. Unless it's clearly obvious, when I see something fishy in a game I assume there's an explanation.