First lunge of the game is bugged, gives no distance, now also happens with Doctor.

Xpljesus Member Posts: 395

Every game with some killers, your first lunge of the game will bugged, it will give no distance. This used to only happen with Demogorgon/Oni, but since the update now happens with the Doctor.

Your first lunge will be as if you had tapped M1, even when holding M1, making you miss the majority of the time, as you do not gain the distance you should.

This is an extremely serious urgent bug that needs to be fixed ASAP, because the killer's earlygame is so dire and unforgiving right now. That one hit can be 2-3 gens and basically the entire game in cases.

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  • paul_denson
    paul_denson Member Posts: 27

    I have the same problem playing spirit ,when I start a game the first hold M1 doesn't give me distance it's just like I just press M1

  • Tatariu
    Tatariu Member Posts: 2,737

    Happens all the time as Legion, in fact, it will happen when you are using Frenzy, and when you are using a basic attack. So, twice a game I have to deal with it.

  • Steel_Eyed
    Steel_Eyed Member Posts: 4,028

    My Doctor games are like this. Terrible also on killers like Nurse and Legion when you’re penalized with fatigue.

  • MiniPixels
    MiniPixels Member Posts: 534

    This bug has been in the game for months now, and it's incredibly annoying. It has happened to me with almost every killer, I really hope they fix this soon.

  • johnmwarner
    johnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    I hate to say this, because the bug SHOULD be fixed ASAP... cant you just start the game by swinging? That 2 seconds won’t kill early game the early game for us isn’t that critical

  • Makkie_
    Makkie_ Member Posts: 2

    Googled looking for threads on a lunge bug, this wasn't what I was looking for. Already knew about this. I'm having this issue beyond the first lunge. It can happen several times per game. It happened 3 times in a row in my first game today, so I immediately quit to go test it. 0 issues with my mouse. 0 issues in KYF trying to recreate all of the factors. 0 issues in my next live game.

    So I've no idea what's causing it but it's pretty frustrating as you can imagine.