A small but not very nice bug with voice acting Deathslinger. Laughter lags behind animation.

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At PTB, when the Memento Mori animation was playing, Deathslinger always laughed at the camera, during his half-smile, i.e. when he opened his mouth.

Now he laughs before killing the survivor, i.e. when he lifts it on a bayonet-knife and very, very, very, very, very rarely when he looks at the camera.

It looked amazing. It also looks amazing when he winks at the camera during Mori's animation (although maybe he doesn't wink, he just blinks like that)


Moment at 2:21, 2:56 and 3:25 (At all these moments, Deathslinger always laughed at the camera.)


Moment at 0:29, 0:47, and for example 1:57

Thank u very much

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