Struggle Glitch

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when in struggle mode and while still hitting struggle button, game glitches and finishes the sacrifice even if there is still 45% in meter. This has happened to me and several friends as well as streamers and their friends. It is extremely frustrating and unfair to survivors. Gives the appearance of giving up even while trying to struggle. Happened several times to me today already. I did not have this happen until after the March 17, 2020 patch but friends had been getting it previous to the patch.

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Is there any perks you are all using when the issue occurs? Is it more likely to happen when facing certain killers or on certain maps?


  • tennmio
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    I have the same issue on ps4. It happens every time when the killer runs noed. If the killer hits a survivor when noed is active, while there is a survivor hooked and in struggel stage they instantly die when noed triggers and the chased one hits the ground. This happened to me and friends and I realized it in a game where two ppl were in struggle and I got downed with noed. Both ppl on the hook instantly got sacrificed.