The pigs reverse bear traps

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Dont know if this is a bug or not but whilst in game i was downed and had the reverse bear trap go onto me and then once it had been put on the timer had already started so by time i actually got off the hook 1/4 of my time had already been used and it also seems like only the 5th box is actually getting the reverse bear trap off this basically makes it impossible to even get it off causeing you to die an incredibly unavoidable death

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  • Mandy
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    Do you have any video to show exactly what happened please? Are you saying that the RBT timer was actually going down whilst on the hook?

    Also what platform are you playing on please.

    RBT boxes are RNG, you can find the key in any box, it's not always the last one.

  • NovaliumTS
    NovaliumTS Member Posts: 160

    I dont have any video evidence mainly for the fact i was trying to figure out what happened plus im on xbox and i dont really know how to get clips and send them to another device, but whilst on hook the timer went red and was going down so by time i had gotten off and was searching the boxes it didnt even give me enough time to even reach the final box before i died, but with the box thing i keep getting the key in the final box and not in any of the others but probably knowing how it is i probably just have absolutely terrible luck