Kicked Me From Game

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Xbox One

I can be randomly playing a match normally no issues at all. Then all of a sudden I get booted from the game and I ask my friends (if swf) if they got kicked and they say 'no'. It also gives survivors an unfair advantage because it allows me to see all of the killers perks, add-ons, and offering.

I don't know how or why it happens.

It happens randomly when or when I am not playing with my friends, it's happened about 10 times during 2020 so far

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Is there an error message that appears when you are booted? Could you add a screenshot of the error message and the tally screen? Could you also provide your Cloud ID found at the bottoms of your Option settings and the date/time when the issue occured?


  • Stormhaven13
    Stormhaven13 Member Posts: 48

    I had this same thing happen to me, it said match server unavailable. My friend in SWF was not disconnected. Its only happened to me once so far.

  • ShadowRain
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    Same thing just happened to me, lost a pip and got banned for no reason