My DLC characters are gone

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Yesterday I was playing dbd and I was having fun as killer and survivor. But the next day when I got on my ps4 I loaded up dbd and I was quite happy to play. But when i chose killer and thought what killer I was going to play today and all of my DLC killers were gone but two that I purchased through the game and not the PlayStation store. So I thought I would restart the game no big deal? But when I chose killer again same thing happened and I checked the survivors and they were gone also so I checked the PlayStation store and it said I still had them.

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  • ElectronicNoxBox
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    Yeah same thing happened to me just today? I was playing Oni and then all the sudden nothing works after game so I re open the application and all the dlc characters I bought were greyed out and I checked to see if I could redownload them and it said they were installed? I was thinking an in game bug maybe?

  • KyleS
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    I just logged in to my game today and experienced the same problem with my dlc survivors . It still shows my David king as level 41 but it says I need to buy him in the PlayStation store but every time I go to the dlc page it says I already downloaded it. I have the same problem with my detective tapp and all of the dlc killers I have bought.

  • Tigzy
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    The exact same thing happened to me just now..

  • Blueberry
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    I just logged into the game to find myself no longer having the Stranger Things DLC. It shows them greyed out on the character select screen. I already had both survivors and Demo at lvl 50 with Steve p2, Nancy p3, and Demo p3 with all perks in the game at T3.

    Platform: PC

  • MrDecisive
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    me and my friends steams lost connection and when we logged back in they lost a chapter and me i lost all of my chapters and i lost the game and apparently i have to buy them again

  • DuckPOTATODud
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    Same thing happened to me as well, for some reason it let me keep Myers, Doctor, Hag, and Pyramid head but all of my other DLCs are gone

  • Blueberry
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    I had the same issue. It took the Stranger Things DLC from me.

  • Mandy
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    Try logging out of Steam and then log back into Steam, is this fixing it for you?

  • emyung
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    For me it is worse. I get a "purchase" button instead of a "play" button on Steam.

  • emyung
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    I have the same issue. Instead of a play button, I have a "purchase" button on Steam.

  • DuckPOTATODud
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    I've tried this a few times now, and most of my killers and survivors have returned, however Freddy, Quentin, Ash, Ghost face, and Cannibal still remain locked. Are there any other fixes that I can try?

  • MrDecisive
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    the only thing i didnt lose is my exclusive dlcs and the charity case, but i lost other games too besides dbd

  • Mandy
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    Right now I don't have any more information than that, a quick search has shown we're not the only game affected by this - it looks like something happened wiht Steam maintenance as far as I can tell

  • Akito
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    same. first chains of hate and silent hil ldlcs was missing now steam tells me: Buy, instead of play this game ur playing since 6500 hours!

    Sure steam, sure. Dude Im scared that I lost my progress

  • ShaGGy6
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    anyone have any new information on whats going on? lost my DLC's before a match and then after i restarted again it wont even let me play, just says purchase

  • chieftaco
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    i have all characters except pyramid head

    prestiged 3 times with all max perks.. i'm nearing 7000 hours.. today i notice half of my characters show the locked symbol and are greyed out as if i don't own them.. what is going on here? how did my game save get changed?

    how do i get my characters back? will they still have all of their stuff? i had a lot of year 4 event cakes on all of them.. what kind of bug is this?

  • artsss
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    This happened to me right now, after a while whithout playing the game, a few months ago I lost all my progress in game. TWICE! This is what happens when a company prioritizes making new clothes and stuff and don't work on the actual game. I remember now, why I wasn't playing this game at all in the last 6 months.

  • smellwell
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    Couldn't launch game so I restarted steam. Now i have a "purchase" button in library instead of "play." I can click "purchase" then a play now button is on the store page just under "this game is in your library." But it doesn't launch, only reloads the store page.

  • Mang_Anwar
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    I lost half of my killers... and I got a daily ritual of one of those killer... I tried to logging out steam then re-login, now I don't have the game... THIS IS GREAT!

  • Kavor
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    Same thing here !

  • Rabbitxp
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    I purchased the game awhile ago and put in many hours i get off work go to play today and it ask me to buy the game again. I try to run the game sends me to the store page and says play again i click that nothing launches and it sends me back to the store page. I reinstall steam and the game does not show on my library anymore. I am very confused

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry Member Posts: 11,963

    Update: Now it's also saying I don't own the game at all after logging out of steam and back in.

  • HarleyQuinn
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    Omg DBD...I know they’re trying, but it’s seriously alarming how many bugs they have in their game. It feels like an unfinished product.

  • NekoGamerX
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    glad this not happen to me on both steam and ps4 this sucks hope there fix somewhere in the works.

  • radwulf
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    Same here, level 50 p3 demogorgon... but i dont own it... comon guys

  • BuggyNurseMain
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    I can't launch the game from steam anymore. It says I need to purchase it, but I already have it. When I launch the game via .exe it says I need to log into steam. I got disconnected from Steam while in game and it kicked me out. I cannot even get back into the game.

  • BuggyNurseMain
    BuggyNurseMain Member Posts: 38

    I already sent in a support ticket on Steam, I just wanted to see if there was any problems on this end.

  • Qoco
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    it could be something to do with Steams Regular Tuesday Maintenance.

    I would give it some time, no more than 3 hours and re-check it again

  • martinp
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    As the title says, I can't use the game I bought long time ago and all my dlc's anymore. On my steam window, the only thing I can do is hit a button that says Buy, like if I don't have my game. To be honest, I am very worried about that. Am I going to lose all my progress? I have 1.5k hours here and millions of bloodpoints invested, event items, outfits...

    By the way, I will use this message to say again that I have an awful bug that I had reported here a few months ago. Still I didn't get any answer. Please, show some interest on the community. I can't play 3 games in a row with my friend because I always have an unknown error, and the only way to solve it is rebooting the game.

    Very dissapointed.

    Sorry for my bad english

  • dOiNgEnSyOu
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    Same. Almost 1k hours, don't have the game on my steam anymore and don't have my dlcs, only ones that are shown are Silent Hill and Charity Case. Last time I played the game was in 1 aug so there's nothing to do with bein inactive for too long. Everybody seems to be having the problem, cause most of my friends on steam played the game and now there's no one online and they keep trying to relog to see if the game is there. What is this? I have the game for two years. Never had a problem with it like this

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  • sakha
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    cant play. game want for buy again (after 4 years and 900hours)

  • virindi1
    virindi1 Member Posts: 2

    same here. all DLC is gone

  • Drag0n333
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    You just have to wait a couple hours and they'll come back, just had this happen to me and I came here. If they don't come back withing like a half a day or more then its a real problem

  • BlackCipher
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    I have a problem I have the game bought since 2018, but it is the first time that this happens to me and that to enter the game it asks me to buy it when I already have it purchased, I get that I have it installed but not purchased and there are no returns or anything I already checked I have several dlcs purchased too, I hope you can help me, my steam profile is as follows (

  • NekoGamerX
    NekoGamerX Member Posts: 5,062

    i haven't been on steam all day but is it just dead by daylight or any steam games?

  • TheAssassin152
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    I have been playing this game for years and now it says that I need to rebuy it? I saw the post above just telling you guys.

  • TotemsCleanser
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    I'm having the same problem with Blasphemous and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The rest of my games are available.

  • Undraiks
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    i can't play the game anymore, Steam tells me I don't have it, but when I try to re-buy the game, it says that it is already in my library...

    I want to play everyday because I want to earn all the rift's items please, help :(

  • NekoGamerX
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    well this steam thing for sure I'm going check i got one of tho games too hope this fix this soon.

  • soverly
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    Same issue. Game booted up fine a few hours ago, went to play mc for a while, came back, and it was not in my library. I go to the store and it says "in your library". Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but can't find any download/install option. So mad because I want to play >:(

  • MGTKumoni
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    i have the same problem, did you have any solution? or the problem continue?

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)
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    Hello, some users have found that this helps them: Steam > Settings > Download tab and click Clear download cache

    Please try this out. If this doesn't work, I'm deeply sorry. There isn't much I can't do sadly. I ask you to be patient and wait.

  • Doudou
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    Exact same problems here. I did this and now I can play again. I cleared my download cache in steam settings.

  • YumiiXO
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    It's steam not dbd bruh if you purchased dlcs from steams store it won't show because steam is messed up pretty bad atm it's not only affecting dbd.

  • HarleyQuinn
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    Okay, that may be true, but I still stand by what I said lmfao. There’s so many bugs in DBD & we all know it.

  • TheC2G
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    Clearing download cache worked for me!

  • sxdarkseerxss
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    a mi me pasa igual,justo hoy queria jugar , pero me aparece comprar cuando ya lo tengo :( , espero lo solucionen

  • stefkoh
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    Lost my DLC cosmetics, however, a restart of Steam brought them back. Thanks for posting this fix!

  • emyung
    emyung Member Posts: 138

    Hm.... interesting. I waked up in the morning. Logged in. Still "purchase" problem. After a few minutes logged again. Seemed fixed.

  • Mandy
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    I'm going to close this thread, as the issue has been resolved and we have pinned information for anybody who still has to clear their download cache.

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