Rank Update Error and game save error

Platform: PC

Frequency: about 4 - 5 games

Occurrence: almost 1 half year

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Hi, can you please provide us a small description of what did you do before getting these errors and at what time exactly your are getting them. Ex: When starting a match or on the loading screen etc. (description of the issue is really important for us) Also if you get the issue again, please make sure to add your logs and a screenshot of the error message. How to get your logs: - Close the game after it happened. - Windows Key + R - %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Logs - Enter this and press enter - Look for the file called "Deadbydaylight.log"If the file is too big, please zip it. It will reduce the files size! - Add your logs in this thread + all the information. Thanks for you help!


  • jamieheron
    jamieheron Member Posts: 29

    I keep experiencing this on ps4

  • Pitta
    Pitta Member Posts: 1

    Platform: PC

    Frequency: all games

    Occurrence: almost 2 weeks (i'm new)

    I still have this problem with my rank but without the penalty, it's annoying because i can't play a game if DBD don't calculate my wins or loose

    HELP ME PLS!!!