Medkit with exact amount of charges ends before full heal

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As for some time we've had 16 charges medkits for 1 full heal. Gel dressing adds 16 charges. Then we have 12,8 and 8.

If the number of charges on a medkit are EXACTLY on multiplication of 16 there will always be 0.1 or so of bar left, even tho charges indicate it should be a full heal


  1. Get any med kit (let's take green one here - 16 charges base)
  2. Put gel dressing add on (can be with any other add on that doesn't change charges) or self adherent wrap + bandages
  3. Heal yourself (no missed/great skillchecks, any heals from other sources)
  4. You'll get first heal no problem, on second you'll see the bar be almost finished, but you still remain injured

This has been in game since add on deletion after trial and is extremly annoying to deal with

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  • coley_219
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    Thanks for posting this! I noticed it too - I totally get gypped out of a full heal if i use the self adherent wrap add on this clip shows I did dot miss any skill checks and i only healed twice - no spot heals anywhere in the match - just what you see here. PS4, Solo claudette on suffocation pit against oni but i will clip more because i don't think it matters what map or killer - i think the add on is simply charged wrong.

  • xenotimebong
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    This happens to me all the time too, it’s extremely frustrating.