When Dailies are trash canned, they are deleted after having been replaced.

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When Dailies are trash canned, they are deleted after having been replaced.

I get this bug every time. It is easily reproducible.

Step one: Trash the daily after you attempt it and do not complete it. The game replaces that daily with a new one.

Step two: Play another match, switch characters, then end the game correctly.

Step three: Load the game, the daily is now gone but you did not complete it.

For instance, yesterday I got a daily for demogorgon to hit survivors with a fully charged lunge attack. It seemed mega bugged since I could only attain 1/5 per match I played, and I hate playing my Demogorgon now cause he sucks, although I could do it in a single game a month ago. (Now the fully charged doesnt trigger 80% of the time.) So I trashed it when I had accumulated 2/5 strikes after 2 games. The game changed that trashed daily to be a new daily for a survivor to pull one new item out of a match by exiting with the newly found item. I did not play survivor for the rest of the night, and closed the game after many more matches, one being where survivors disconnected during game load, and the very next game was my last game where a bug occured causing my rank to not update at the end of the match. I closed the game and went to bed. Today the new daily was no longer there, although I did not play survivor at all.

I have noticed the game always deletes my new dailies if I do not complete them ASAP, and definitely before the game starts bugging out.

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