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Hello reader,

First of all, sorry for my poor English. Recently I’ve encountered a bugg while playing DbD while playing survivor on the PS4. This bugg resulted in me not seeing the skill checks pop up in my screen (after the sound notification) for every skill-based action. This caused me to explode the generator every time or fail the heal because I simply didn’t get the bar where I can see when I have to press the button.

The first time this happened in game, was when I was healing a dying survivor; I got a skill check as normal (and I not sure if I hit it at the same time as the following), but then the killer’s basic attack on another survivor triggered Infectious Fright, which caused me to scream and interrupts the heal. When I wanted to continue healing right after, I heard the skill-check sound notification, but not the bar itself. It kept like this for the whole match. It was fixed again the next game.

I hope this is fixable and my description was useful (and readable)!

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    I’ve never seen a skill check indicator from the very beginning after purchasing this game. They don’t come up in the tutorial section or during gameplay. I’ve had to give up playing the game altogether and it doesn’t seem like the community has an actual fix for this issue. I’ve done multiple uninstall and reinstalls of the game and still nothing works.