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Frozen Hook Animation, Survivor Won't Die (PS4)

VLight Member Posts: 126

I experienced this bug twice in the past two days. When I was hooking a Survivor, they were frozen on the hook and I couldn't cloak as Wraith for a short amount of time, and I couldn't absorb blood as Oni. Once I picked up and hooked another Survivor, I was able to use my Power button again. The person I hooked was frozen in animation, wouldn't die, and EGC wouldn't kill them either. I had to DC as Wraith and the Survivor had to DC the second time. I don't know what causes this, but it needs immediate fixing, especially when the DC penalties are in the game. It's unfair for both the Survivor and the Killer.

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  • Kirzy
    Kirzy Member Posts: 1

    I also have this bug in a game currently and neither me nor the survivor has dc'ed yet

    We saw if we could fix this bug but unfortunately it doesn't seem possible.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or does someone really have to DC?