Auto endgame ( I don't really know how to call it)

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I was playing Deathslinger on Autoheaven (yellow bus version). The game started, and I found this Yui. I chased her for a bit, hit her once. Then shot her and reeled her towards me. As I was about to hit her, she disconnected. 10 seconds later, I hear the the hatch noise (when It's opened). Keep in mind, there was still 4 gens left and 3 people alive. So the hatch wasn't even supposed to be here. To see what it would do, I closed the hatch. Then the endgame started. This was like maybe 1.5 minute after the beggining of the game. I was like #########, but I saw a Nea. So I shot her, hit her once, chased her and downed her. I put her on a hook (for the first time), and she died like instantly, she couldn't even try to escape. It was like : hooked, 2 sec later , entity summon, 2 sec later, late sacrifice. Then, the death animation occured, she was lifted by the entity and all the stuff. Then, the game just ended. There was one person dead, one disconnected, and the other two were alive and I didn't even find them. The game just ended with "entity displeased". So, I decided to look at the endgame score, 1 person dead, 1 person disconnected, and 2 person still alive ( with the white person icon).

PS: First time it happened, I was playing on PC.

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