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servers that shut down or kick you out when you have internet but the server thinks you don't have

hank142 Member Posts: 2

There is an error that bothers me too much and what happens to me I do not know how it happens or anything like that, it just happens and I think it is a problem in the server of the dedicated servers or I suspect that for no reason the server without reason made me the game and it does not tell me an error code it only happens very occasionally although I suspect that it may be because my connection is very bad but since the error code does not appear then I do not know what is the problem because maybe the server is the annoyance of closing automatically because I doubt it is on my internet, and when I send complaints to the developers it seems that only bots or lazy people respond without offending but it is the truth, I do not know if it is an internet problem maybe it is their problem dedicated servers! because at that damn moment I had an internet connection! I am from a PC platform, they would do me a great favor by telling me what the problem is and what is its possible "solution" or at least telling me that I am not the only one who does not go through this.

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