Consistent freezing on or just after loading screen for a match

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The image freezes while a normal audio loop continues to play. Usually it happens towards the end of the loading screen going into a match, sometimes it happens just after loading is done like when the camera is flying around. Even after leaving it for several minutes it doesn't unfreeze and Windows reports the dbd app as "Not responding" in task manager, which forces me to kill it manually by ending the task. My system specs is as follows

Ryzen 2700x (stock),

GTX 1080TI

32GB RAM @ 3200mhz (tested)

1tb Sabrent Rocket nvme SSD (also tried on a normal HDD and a crucial mx500 SATA SSD, no difference)

Windows 10 pro

I tried reinstalling the game and setting it to run as admin, I also tried windows compatibility mode set to Windows 8. I also tried validating files via steam, deleting cache under [myname]/appdata/local/deadbydaylight/etc, and even uninstalling with revouninstaller (to get cache and registry items) and then reinstalling. Nothing works.

It happens almost every time, the game isn't playable. I started the game up after about half a year so all I know is this current build is the first time I'm experiencing this and my hardware hasn't changed since the last time I believe. I attached the logs from the last time I ran DBD

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