Infinite hook and cant use m2 and space bar.

Nuke_2k Member Posts: 1

When i hoked a survivor he freezed and the cant finish, even after the endgame colapse.So i have to disconect and lost all my points. And the dead survivors can see my camera.

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  • monokumas
    monokumas Member Posts: 1

    This has also been happening to me for the past two months. It's very frustrating seeing as not only do I not have access to my abilities, I'm forced to disconnect losing all my blood points and being punished with a five minute penalty. I don't know if it's a hack or a bug, but it seems like lots of people have suffered from this, yet it is not fixed yet.

  • darkingray
    darkingray Member Posts: 9

    I´ve just made a post with images, hope they see it.