Wraith's cloak seems to be bugged

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Hello. I wanted to report a bug that I've noticed on PC on Wraith while playing survivor.

Lately I've noticed that everytime I play against Wraith while he cloaks himself his terror radius doesn't seem to disappear like it should. Instead it stays for a good 3-5 seconds.

Did anyone else notice that?

Here's a video recording of it happening: https://imgur.com/pIGCQMN

As you can see it were 5 seconds after he cloaked himself until his heart beat stopped. His heart beat wouldn't stop until he stood right before me while still being cloaked.

As a Wraith main I'm pretty concerned. It can't be that you use your ability and it doesn't work properly. It would be nice if that was going to be fixed as soon as possible.

If you want to reproduce it you should do:

  • Get into a private lobby.
  • Let the killer equip Wraith.
  • Addons don't seem to matter for him (e.g addons to modify the bell sound or cloaking speed).
  • And have at least one survivor in the game because the survivor is the only one who can hear it.
  • It doesn't matter which map is picked for it.
  • Then the survivor needs to be at least at the very end of the killer's heart beat.
  • The Killer then has to go invisible and walk to the survivor.
  • The survivor then has to be careful and hear if the heart beat's still beating.
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