Playing as a killer on rank game.

I tried to achieve the adept for Spirit. I followed the instructions to use only her 3 unique perks. I was able to kill all of the survivors. I doesn't have any offering or add on on my game.

This happened already on my 2 games as playing Spirit. I was able to kill all survivors both games.

Attached screenshot of my 1 game where I was able to kill all survivors but still no achievement for Adept Spirit.

**Before I played Spirit and go for her adept. I was able to finish my adept on Deathslinger and there was no problem with it since I was able to achieve the adept for him.

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  • Fibijean
    Fibijean Member Posts: 8,342

    This isn't a bug. The requirement for the killer Adept Achievements is no longer 4 kills - this was changed in 2018 with the introduction of the Emblem system. You have to achieve a Merciless Victory (aka a "double pip") while using the character's three unique perks to unlock the achievement.

    Incidentally, the achievement doesn't care what add-ons or offerings you bring, so feel free to bring the strongest ones you have to increase your chances of earning all the required Emblem points.

  • bjaydionaldo091
    bjaydionaldo091 Member Posts: 2

    Oh so that's it. Okay will try to do that. I thought just for killing all survivor I will be to achieve the adept.

    Thank you for the info. :)