Stuck in the wall after vaulting and then healing downed survivor

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After survivor vaults the wall and heals a downed survivor at the same place, healer will get stuck after he finish healing


This happens in ironworks of misery. Survivor 2 was down, and he was lying at the vaulting spot. When Survivor 1 vaults and heals Survivor 2 without moving away, Survivor 1 will get stuck in the vaulting spot after he finishes healing. Other survivors and killers can vault this spot while Survivor 1 is stuck, though it is more difficult to do so. The killer is also unable to pick up Survivor 1 even after hitting him from healthy to dying state; he can only vault back and forth.



Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have Survivor 2 in dying state
  2. Survivor 2 moves himself to the vaulting spot.
  3. Survivor 1 vaults in from the other side and heal Survivor 2.
  4. After Survivor 1 stops healing and stand back up, he will get stuck in the wall.

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