Frame Drops While Playing Demogorgon

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Platform: PS4 (I personally use PS4 Pro, so I imagine this issue is worse for base PS4 users)

Description: There are very heavy frame drops while playing Demogorgon on PS4. This is constant and even more noticeable when attempting to "Shred." This makes "Shred" almost luck based as its very hard to predict survivor movements with frame drops.

You can get this by simply playing Demogorgon on PS4 and trying to use shred. I feel some maps like badham worsens this effect but that could be wrong. It is noticeable just about every time I play Demogorgon and I have met other Demogorgon players who claim this as true. I recently purchased "Twisted Demogorgon" and feel that the outfit may worsen the effect.

(I accidently made a duplicate of this exact post by me while trying to move it from "Bug Reports" to "Optimization." My bad, any way I can get this moved there?)

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