Hooked Survivor Hovering Next to Hook

malatruse Member Posts: 781

I did a search of the forum but didn't see any reports of this issue, sorry if it's a repeat!

When playing as Nea, after being hooked the first time, the player character appears to be hovering next to the hook, not touching it at all. The issue occurred on a Windows 10 PC using Steam. I have screenshots from two public matches below (two images from each incident).

It is interesting to note that in both cases, I was playing Nea, it was my first time being hooked, and I was the Obsession. Not sure if it's relevant, just thought I'd mention it.

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  • myers_obsession
    myers_obsession Member Posts: 551

    Same in almost every match

  • Revzi100
    Revzi100 Member Posts: 529

    I had this one i was the last survivor, i actually won this because the killer ended up DC because i was just floating and he couldnt hook me.