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I can't pick up a survivor

batmanscar Member Posts: 466
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I can't pick a survivor when they are being healed , this happened to me with wraith but it might also happen with other killers .

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  • aprils4kids
    aprils4kids Member Posts: 38

    Yeah I was in fractured cowshed map newely done, as The Shape and I couldn't pick a meg up in the corner of the barn, someone popped the last generator and she had adrenaline and got up took off. I finally got her and killed her, but this doesn't seem like it's suppose to be like this. I'm on PS4 never had this issue before, although I'm Survivor main I haven't played killer a whole lot. Usually if I can't pick them up I turn a bunch of different ways and eventually it will let me, not tonight though. It's 2021 May, so still issues