[PC] This plague couldn't attack or anything. She was stuck in the vomit animation.

JoeyBob Member Posts: 477

Kinda unfair that only killers get these sorts of bugs, but I understand that survivors are more important since more people play survivor.

Anyways stunning her fixed the issue.I dont know how to reproduce it since she didnt say in end game chat.

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  • FraisDoux
    FraisDoux Member Posts: 10

    IT happened for me one time and i've just lagged when i was charging the option for vomit on survivor...

    But the survivors stun me with a pallet and turn back to normal so idk if its the same bug :/

    (on computer)

  • ScapularHealer
    ScapularHealer Member Posts: 2

    Yeah this is what is happening with me, when I get a pallet stun I can do everything, but if I try to vomit I will bug again