Can't Pick Up Survivor

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Platform: PC

Summary: When playing Myers, I could not pickup a survivor that was downed at the shack window on the Dead Dog Saloon map.

Description: I was chasing an injured Claudette around the shack on Dead Dog Saloon and downed her as she vaulted the window. When I went to the other side to pick her up, I couldn't get the pick up option.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Injure a survivor
  2. Chase them around the shack
  3. Put them into Dying State while they're vaulting the shack window

How Often Does This Occur: No clue - first time in this situation.


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  • PatBrutal
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    The only missing in your bug report is your logs.

    Here's how to find your logs:

    IMPORTANT : When you get the issue, close your game and do not reopen it until you get your logs.

    • Press Win+R
    • Type in appdata
    • Press OK
    • In opened window navigate to: \Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Logs
    • Aattach the DeadByDaylight.log file to your thread

    Thanks :)