Lery's Memorial Middle Room Bug, Unreachable

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Lery's Memorial Middle Room Bug, Unreachable

Step 1 Boot the game

Step 2 Play as survivor

Step 3 Load into a match on the Lery's Memorial map (doesn't matter if it's organically or with an offering or in KYF)

Step 3 Run from killer, upstairs in the middle of the lab.

Step 4 Fast vault the 2nd window & run at the electric chair next to the gen.

Step 5 You're on top of that chair and can be downed, but not grabbed by the killer.

Character: Any survivors.

Perks: Any Perks ( I was running Lithe, but took it off & could still do it, as long as I fast vaulted the window)

Frequency of issue: Everytime I've tried to recreate the issue, I could.

Here's the clip of the bug:


After the center gen was completed, they were running from the killer. Ran up the stairs around the upper level, fast vaulted the second window and lithed right into the electrical chair by the genny. It vaulted them up onto the back of the chair. While the killer could still down the survivors in this spot, he could not pick them up.

(We made sure to tell them to come down & we'd report it, as we didn't want anyone getting game bans for abuse/exploits.)

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  • xoBlackBetty
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    Also, this was on PC, Steam.

    We were able to recreate this issue multiple times in Custom Game.

  • PatBrutal
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    Hello xoBlackBetty,

    Just letting you know that I have pinned in the bug section a template on how to report your issue. As of today, I will go through the threads and I will ask the community to follow this template. Like this it would be easier for you and for us to get all the info needed.

    When you have time can you edit your thread and use this template : https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/bugs?sort=new that would be super helpful, then we will be able to edit the status and proceed with your issue.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Have a great day!

  • xoBlackBetty
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    Hey Pat! I updated the report as best I could! Hope it helps!