Feng Min's Red Peony head cosmetic has the incorrect face and bald spot after the 3.7.0 update. PS4

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The cosmetic appears to be using her default face instead of her makeup face (red lipstick, eye shadow). She also appears to have a bit of a bald spot towards the top of her forehead, presumably because she does not have the correct face for the head cosmetic. She looks much worse now, and this makes me sad because I exclusively use this head cosmetic that I paid for, and now it looks wrong and not at all like the picture in the store. Please fix this.

The first picture is her current appearance after the update, the second picture is how she looked before the update.

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  • Farabee
    Farabee Member Posts: 20

    Please fix Tinder Feng :(

    THESUNBURNS Member Posts: 2

    The same thing happens exactly on the PC as well not only on PS4. I can vouch for it and it's kinda annoying for me.

  • Hannon
    Hannon Member Posts: 221

    Also. Her “toxic brown” hair is a darker and blonde than before.

    they changed it or broke it a few patch ago.

    hope they can fix it too

  • estefpowpow
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    Thank God someone is talking about this!! I thought it was my game just glitching or something! And exactly the SAME that's the only face I love to use when I play Feng Min and it's not even the right one :( we need this fixed!

  • Sydraen
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