Wraith Shadownerf? or just a bug.

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Just play a couple of games with the purple speed add-on(windstorm) and purple "all-seeing".(my standart build vs SWF)

Cloak and uncloak time feels larger, specially the uncloak, speed boost after uncloak is heavy reduced.

movement speed cloaked(with the add-on) is slower.

i am not crazy, i main wraith and i play him almost daily, i play him yesterday, and now i feel the changes so hard, he is slow and rough.

please check the cloak-uncloak times, the speed boost after uncloaking and the windstorm addons, is not working.

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  • Flambo007
    Flambo007 Member Posts: 19

    Can confirm, everything seems to be about 20% slower

  • Kind_Lemon
    Kind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,559

    Thought I'd mention that I also have noticed that the bugged Wraith (bugged from the PTB *cough*) made his way onto the live version of the build.

  • Human
    Human Member Posts: 40

    He feels very slow when uncloaking. State this in the patchnotes if you really did nerf him. Or fix this. He is my main killer. This just entirely breaks the game for me.

  • rounder247
    rounder247 Member Posts: 47

    Terribly slow wraith movements, I’m a rank 1 wraith main and i suck with him right now. Uncloaking takes forever

  • zeplore
    zeplore Member Posts: 95

    Yep he is garbage now, sad.

  • Flawless_
    Flawless_ Member Posts: 291

    BHVR what have you done to the poor bing bong boi. I just played a few games and can confirm that everything feels extremely slow, including the speed boost after uncloaking with two windstorm addons.

  • Vlad_V
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    Can confirm this. Tested him in the new patch today, and ALL of his Windstorm add-ons make him a second to two and a half seconds slower when uncloaking. The fact this was not reported to be part of the patch, tells me this is indeed a bug. PLEASE hotfix this soon, guys. I don't want to have to end up not using him for the Archives to get my challenges done with him.

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  • Boss
    Boss Member Posts: 13,613

    Yeah, he's way slower in uncloaking at least.

    If you ask me, this is a bug, since they have stated to not have any plans to nerf Wraith at all.

  • zeplore
    zeplore Member Posts: 95

    He also has Trappers walking animation now. He use to bop up and down and have his own walking animation, now its the exact same as trappers...

  • Boss
    Boss Member Posts: 13,613

    Idk about that, but if that's true, then you could make a report of that too.

  • 1234512345
    1234512345 Member Posts: 103

    yes i started playing him and i played him a lot it feels weird

  • dahbunneh07
    dahbunneh07 Member Posts: 2

    I noticed this IMMEDIATELY after playing Wraith. it felt so wrong and unfun. I really hope it's just a bug and not a shadownerf.

  • Meroko
    Meroko Member Posts: 106

    Only the animation has changed to his 2016 animation, which seems to be the bug. The actual cast time is the same. Already compared it on pre 3.7 VoDs, so while it may seem slower nothing has actually changed gameplay wise.

  • Reborn2020
    Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    I have no doubts . Hillbilly is wrecked even worse.

  • naim109
    naim109 Member Posts: 12

    I agree, the wraith feels bugged. so slow.

  • PascalG95
    PascalG95 Member Posts: 7

    I adapted the hit and run build/playstyle before the update but it seems unplayable now due to the new update... This wraith playstyle was fun until now... Hopefully they fix this.

  • Ihatelife
    Ihatelife Member Posts: 5,069

    Do you have any video of showing this? Curious how it looks like

  • Vlad_V
    Vlad_V Member Posts: 8

    Upvote this further gents. I looked into the hotfix notes of the patch, and there's NO mention of the Wraith's cloaking/uncloaking being fixed yet.

  • widescreen
    widescreen Member Posts: 49

    Yep, wraith does feel slower and so is billy base kit chainsaw charge time.

  • memento
    memento Member Posts: 156

    His addon "Swift Hunt" is also not working at all.

  • Xyex
    Xyex Member Posts: 132

    I did some personal testing of this myself yesterday morning and from what I could tell, after playing a game with just one of each speed add-on and one game with no add-ons, is that Wraith's base cloaked movement speed seems to be the issue. I couldn't notice any difference between his cloaked and uncloaked speeds when not using any add-ons. If the speed add-ons work by modifying his default cloaked speed this would explain why they all feel slower. Because his default is slower. I also noticed that his speed boost coming my out of cloak seems to be slower, or shorter, or something.

    Basically, they broke Bing Bong.

  • Vlad_V
    Vlad_V Member Posts: 8

    Two hotfixs in, and STILL no fix on Wraith. Keep at it, everyone.