No Deviousness Blood points for Huntress Hatchet Hits

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How to Reproduce

Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as Huntress in a public match

Step 3 : In the game injure or down a survivor with a hatchet

Step 4 : Notice their isn't any "Precise Shot" or "Charged Shot" bloodpoint score after getting a hit with a hatchet


  • Has been noticed after the 3.7.0 patch was released
  • I had no such bug before the 3.7.0 patch.
  • Platform: PS4


Here is a image, in this match I hit around 7 or 8 hatchets onto survivor either injuring them or downing them, as a result game me 22 deviousness bloodpoints

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  • Khallaria
    Khallaria Member Posts: 73

    Same issue on PS4. Makes it kind of suck when teying to learn and level her for blood rift

  • Uberwitz
    Uberwitz Member Posts: 3

    Issue also present on PC.

  • bjorksnas
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    Yep no more ez bp with huntress good luck getting a 32k before its patched

  • TheRockstarKnight
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    More evidence of said issue on PS4:

    My Deviousness score of 2,898 was granted solely from killing all four Survivors, from having Survivors bleed while downed, and from closing the Hatch.

    As you can see, no score events were awarded after hitting Survivors with Hatchets.

  • OniWantsYourMacaroni
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    I've ran into the same issue unfortunately

  • Raven014
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    This is also on Xbox as well. Played a few huntress games and got no deviousness points to show for it.

  • kris0017
    kris0017 Member Posts: 8

    Same for PC (Steam)