Huntress not receiving Deviousness points for use of hatchets

Ravio_Li Member Posts: 126

Play as Huntress in a public lobby

Hit a survivor with hatchet

No points are given in the deviousness category, which is the primary way of getting points in that category. It currently only gives 300 Brutality as a "Hit" (same as an M1). She is left with very few ways to receive any points in this category.

It counts for the Huntress Archive where you have to hit with her hatchets.

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  • zXFuzion14
    zXFuzion14 Member Posts: 1

    Just noticed this as well and confirm it is true

  • JiggleWiggle
    JiggleWiggle Member Posts: 328

    Same on ps4.

  • Camophlo
    Camophlo Member Posts: 102

    Same here, noticed it recently and it has ruined my day. Can't even play my main without being screwed over bloodpoint wise. Fix please!