Demogorgen Pallet Root Glitch [PC] (Plz fix, this is game breaking for demogorgen)

Pellegrini Member Posts: 2

This glitch has happened somewhat for the last couple matches in which demogorgen would be partially rooted to the ground after getting a pallet dropped on him during a shred. During previous scenarios I would only be partially lodged in the pallet and could break/wiggle out of it; However in this match I got palleted by a Meg, and was rendered completely stuck for the rest of the game. That's right, no space bar pallet brake, no shred pallet break, not even upside-down portals, got a 0K.

So far this has only been a problem on demo to my knowledge but I would keep an eye out for other fast movement based killers like spirit, legion, etc.

wasn't able to nab a recording, which sucks because its probably pallet specific, But to my knowledge the map was auto haven wreckers.

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